The most versatile system to collect water anywhere in the fastest, easiest and cleanest way.

This is DER BLAUE !


7 points why DER BLAUE is the best system for collecting water.

The test group

20 heating installers have tested Der Blaue for 10 months and are absolutely excited.

Statements from the testing companies

“Der Blaue is a simple and ingenious product that gives an enormous added value for a complete sector and even for each and everyone that works with water.
At least this was my assumption when I first had the idea of Der Blaue. In order to actually proof test the practicality of this assumption, it was very important to us to actually have a certain amount of installers throughout Germany test its limits in everyday use. Now, we can provide the craftsmen with a real top-quality product. We have managed this successfully due to our extensive practical test.

Marvin Kiesel, Inventor of Der Blaue

What is Der Blaue ?

A brilliant system, that enables you to collect water in every possible situation in a fast, easy and clean way.
The system consists of:


The tub is the heart of the blue.

Infinitely malleable
Fits perfectly everywhere and keeps its shape
Tested to 60 degrees water temperature
suitable for glycol water mixtures
precisely fitting lug to keep the pump stable, vertical
conical basic shape to perfectly adapt the sealing lip to the
10 liter capacity
Two side handles
Cuddly upper sealing lip
Base area approx. 34 cm x 34 cm
height 12,5 cm
Recommended retail price: 75€ net

Pump System

The basin is the heart of Der Blaue.

  • Infinitely shapeable
  • Fits perfectly everywhere and keeps its shape
  • Tested with up to 60 C° water temperature
  • Suitable for glycol water mixtures
  • Custom fit strap that holds the pump steady and upright
  • Conical basic form that allows the sealing lip to fit every surface perfectly
  • 10 litres loading capacity
  • 2 side handles
  • Supple sealing lip at the top
  • Floor space about 34 cm x 34 cm
  • Hight 12,5 cm
Recommended retail price: 75 EUR net


  • Battery with 1500 litres flow rate per charge
  • About 3,5 hours of running time per charge
  • 6 Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Water-resistant with a sealed plug at the top
  • Splash-proof
  • Especially developed to meet the needs of construction sites
  • Shock-resistant due to foam padded interior
  • Unique battery especially developed for Der Blaue
Recommended retail price: 89EUR net

Note: The battery must be turned ON for charging!

Application Areas

These are only a few examples of various possible applications. The test groups have used Der Blaue for the most different jobs, even to collect drilling dust, as a „All-In-One“ solution to dismantle toilets and store the equipment in it, to empty expansion tanks, boiler cleaning etc. There are no limits to imagination.

System types

#The big Blue

#Der große Blaue

  • Riesen Akku mit 3000 Liter Fördermenge pro Ladung
  • Wanne
  • Pumpe
  • 3 Meter Schlauch mit Befestigungsclip
  • Netzteil
  • Tragetasche
Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung netto 309€

#Der Blaue - Set


  • Big battery with 1500 litres flow rate per charge
  • Basin
  • Pump
  • 3 meter hose
  • Power supply unit
  • Carrier bag
Recommended retail price: 239EUR net

#Der Blaue - Small

#Der Blaue small

  • Basin
  • Pump
  • 3 meter hose
  • Power supply unit
  • Carrier bag
Recommended retail price: 149EUR net

#Der Blaue - Basin

#Der Blaue – Basin

  • Shapeable and dimensionally stable due to built-in flexible metal elements
  • Soft sealing lip around the top rim
  • 10 litres loading capacity
  • Foldable to very small size
  • Fits in every toolbox
Recommended retail price: 79EUR net
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